Smart Solar Living

Case overview

Smart Solar Living, a company at the forefront of sustainable, solar-powered solutions, required a digital presence that effectively communicated their ethos of innovation and environmental stewardship. They sought a platform that wasn’t just an e-commerce store but an immersive educational tool, enlightening visitors on the benefits of solar energy, all while offering a seamless shopping experience.

The Brief

Post-launch, Smart Solar Living’s website quickly became a reference point for solar energy enthusiasts and individuals keen on sustainable living. The site saw a 65% increase in organic traffic within the first two months, attributable to the engaging UI/UX and the wealth of educational content.

Our Approach

  • UI/UX Design: Our design approach was deeply rooted in Smart Solar Living’s mission to make solar energy both accessible and appealing. The UI/UX was planned to ensure educational content and product listings complemented one another, guiding users through a learning journey as they browsed. Intuitive design elements made complex solar energy concepts simple to understand, while clean navigation led customers smoothly from discovery to purchase.

  • E-commerce Store Development: Building on a robust e-commerce platform, we developed a comprehensive online store showcasing Smart Solar Living’s innovative products. Key features included detailed product pages with high-quality images, customer reviews, and side-by-side comparisons of product efficiency and potential energy savings. The integration of a secure, hassle-free checkout process was crucial in converting the site’s educated and informed visitors into proud owners of solar technology.

  • Custom Illustrations: To convey the intricate workings and benefits of solar energy, we created custom illustrations that were both informative and visually engaging. These illustrations simplified solar technology and were used across the website and educational content, helping customers visualize their potential solar-powered setups and understand the positive environmental impact of their purchases.

The Results

The custom illustrations were notably effective; pages featuring them saw 80% higher engagement compared to those with standard images. They were also shared widely across social media, raising brand awareness and establishing the company as a thought leader in solar energy solutions.

The e-commerce store recorded consistent month-on-month growth, with a 40% increase in sales conversion rate, reflecting the success of the seamless integration of educational content and product listings. Customers reported high satisfaction with the educational journey, noting that the insights gained through the website were instrumental in their decision to invest in solar technology.

In all, Smart Solar Living successfully solidified its position as an authority in the solar industry, with a digital presence that educates, engages, and drives environmental responsibility through smart, sustainable purchases.


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Increase in sales


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