Case overview

Aestr, an emerging beauty brand, wanted to carve out a unique space in the competitive online beauty industry. They envisioned a platform that went beyond traditional sales, instead, building a community around beauty innovation, self-care, and inclusivity. To bring this vision to life, they required a distinct brand identity and an online store that offered more than just transactions — an experience. Shopify, known for its customizable setup and reliable e-commerce capabilities, was chosen as the foundation for Aestr’s online presence.


Brand Strategy

UI/UX Design

Custom Shopify Store

Sales Boost Strategies

Shopify Store Customization

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The Brief

Following its launch, Aestr’s Shopify store swiftly generated buzz in the online beauty community. The unique brand identity drew widespread attention, contributing to a 70% increase in site traffic within the first three months. User engagement metrics indicated that the storytelling approach to UI/UX was highly effective, with visitors spending, on average, 50% more time on the site than industry benchmarks.

Our Approach

  • Branding: We crafted a brand identity that resonated with Aestr’s vision of beauty and self-expression. From a sophisticated logo to a vibrant color palette and a unified visual language, every element was designed to speak to a community seeking authenticity and innovation in beauty.
  • UI/UX Design: The online store was fashioned with a user-first approach, balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality. The UI/UX design focused on storytelling, weaving brand values, and product narratives throughout the user journey. High-quality visuals, compelling product descriptions, and an intuitive layout ensured a seamless and immersive shopping experience.
  • Sales Boost Strategies: Leveraging analytics and user behavior data, we implemented sales-boosting strategies that included targeted promotions, limited-time offers, and an engaging loyalty program. Email marketing campaigns and retargeting strategies were employed to re-engage visitors and convert interest into sales.
  • Shopify Store Customization: We maximized the capabilities of Shopify to create a custom-tailored e-commerce platform. Key implementations included unique product display options, a simplified checkout process, integrated customer reviews, and AI-powered recommendations. The back-end was set up for ease of management, facilitating product updates, order processing, and customer service efficiency.

The Results

The sales boost strategies led to a 45% increase in conversion rates, with particular success noted in the effectiveness of email marketing and the loyalty program in driving repeat purchases. The store saw a surge in customer account creations, indicative of a growing community committed to the brand’s values and offerings.

Feedback on the Shopify store’s functionality was overwhelmingly positive, with customers highlighting the seamless shopping experience, the visual appeal, and the personalized touches in product recommendations as standout features.

In essence, Aestr’s strategic online presence set a new standard in beauty e-commerce, blending impactful branding with user-centric design and smart sales strategies to build a thriving digital community anchored around a shared love for beauty innovation.


Increased in Online traffic


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